VA Star

Photo of high school students rebuilding computer hard drives

What is Virginia STAR?

Virginia STAR is a state-wide Student Training and Refurbishment program that teaches students to refurbish surplus computer hardware.  The refurbished computers are then donated to families, organizations and school districts.  Through participation in the program, students work towards earning industry-standard certifications which can pave the way for both higher education and well-paying jobs.

Photo of an FCPS VA Star club
Hayfield HS VA STAR club

We Need Computers

We are always seeking donations of used computer equipment (in lots of 10 or more).  Interested in donating? Want to start a club in your school?  Contact us today!


The Foundation for FCPS is the Fairfax County coordinator for VA STAR and we support clubs in 7 FCPS middle and high schools.  Not only do students earn IT repair certifications, they are also practicing altruism through donation of the refurbished computer equipment.   Several clubs host donation celebrations where the students show the new owners how to use their equipment.