Frost Middle School CyberPatriot Teams Place in State Competition

Congratulations to the Frost Middle School CyberPatriot teams, who finished in first and third place in the Middle School Division in Virginia’s competition. Coach Julie Healy said “Frost has four CyberPatriot teams made up of mostly eighth graders. Our Millennium Falcons team is an eighth grade, first-year CyberPatriot team that placed first in state.  Frost Bytes has one returning CyberPatriot from last year and one seventh grader, and they placed third in the state.  This is Frost’s second year of competition and the second time Frost has placed first in state competition.” Funding from the Foundation for FCPS was provided to launch CyberPatriot teams in ten middle schools over the past two years. Members of the Millennium Falcons team are Gregory Byun, Darius Kianersi, Darin Mao, and Sam Park.  Frost Bytes team members are Samik Bhinge, Daniel Sitrin, Joseph Stefanski, Tony Tran, and James Tury. Congratulations to all!

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